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  • Appreciative Inquiry

    &hellip;When pursuing organizational change, the details o<mark></mark>f when to ask various kinds of questions have a far greater impact than most leaders realize. Questions create cascades of subsequent conversations. Ma&hellip;

  • Strategy Execution

    &hellip;Successful strategy execution requires vision, sta<mark></mark>keholder alignment, employee buy-in, well-defined work goals, and proper investment of resources. Watson Wyatt Human Capital Index&#174; findings indic&hellip;

  • Data Analysis

    &hellip;Carefully considering data is vital to successful <mark></mark>organizational change. Everidian provides a range of data gathering and analysis methodologies to meet unique client needs. These include quantitative &hellip;

  • Executive Team Coaching

    &hellip;Everidian's executive team coaching services suppo<mark></mark>rt leaders as they collaborate to achieve complex goals together. &#160;Our skilled consultants work alongside executive teams to leverage strengths, s&hellip;

  • Bauback Yeganeh, Ph.D.

    &hellip;Bauback Yeganeh, Ph.D. is founder &amp; principal <mark></mark>of Everidian.&nbsp;Bauback has coached, trained, and consulted to thousands of leaders for over twenty years. He helps&nbsp;businesses across industrie&hellip;

  • Ante Glavas, Ph.D.

    &hellip;Ante Glavas, Ph.D. specializes in purpose-driven e<mark></mark>mployee engagement. His work has been covered by media outlets such as CBS, CNN, Fast Company, Fortune, GreenBiz, and USA Today. Prior to his academic &hellip;

  • Ilma Barros-Pose, Ph.D.

    &hellip;Ilma Barros-Pose, Ph.D. has worked on some of the <mark></mark>largest strategic planning summits in business and social change over the last 11 years. Her partnership with Dr. David Cooperrider brought Appreciativ&hellip;

  • Jacquie McLemore, Ph.D.

    &hellip;Jacqueline McLemore, Ph.D. has over twenty years e<mark></mark>xperience as an executive coach, consultant and facilitator of change processes. In this role, Jacquie works with individuals, teams and groups as they&hellip;

  • Darren Good, Ph.D.

    &hellip;Darren Good, Ph.D. is an expert in developing huma<mark></mark>n and organizational potential. His consulting experience includes marketing, leadership development and large-scale organizational interventions. Prio&hellip;

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  • Change Management

    &hellip;Everidian consultants understand that every busine<mark></mark>ss has its own unique goals, and therefore there is no singular cure-all approach to achieving breakthrough effectiveness. We offer a range of services&hellip;

  • Leader Development

    &hellip;Everidian leader development programs help leaders<mark></mark> succeed in challenging work environments. While technical mastery is vital, it is only part of effective leadership. Everidian provides services to de&hellip;

  • Clients

    &hellip;Everidian works with organizations of all sizes an<mark></mark>d backgrounds from around the world. Our associates regularly help organizations in a wide variety of industries, including business software and servi&hellip;

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  • Associates

    &hellip;Everidian collaborates on a wide variety of organi<mark></mark>zational effectiveness initiatives. Everidian associates are trusted client advisors with successful track records. We are driven by the desire to help&hellip;

  • Organizational Effectiveness

    &hellip;Everidian partners with organizations to improve o<mark></mark>rganizational effectiveness by developing leaders. Specific outcomes of our services include: Intentional leaders Powerful negotiators Agile organ&hellip;

  • Successful Negotiation

    &hellip;Negotiations happen all of the time, even when we <mark></mark>aren't aware of them. Every negotiation presents a&nbsp;valuable opportunity to mindfully represent one's leadership brand while strengthening relation&hellip;