Negotiation comes in many forms, all of which are valuable opportunities to mindfully represent a brand and cultivate a relationship. As intuitive as it may feel, a win-lose approach to negotiating decreases opportunities for business success over the long-term. Furthermore, it can negatively impact an organization’s culture in ways that are often unseen. Simple but powerful negotiation techniques can be practiced regularly throughout organizations. Everidian negotiation programs are based on the Harvard Negotiation Project, which isolates the main tenants of successful negotiation across a broad range of situations. Our negotiation programs teach leaders how to effectively negotiate with both clients and colleagues. Specific techniques are taught, along with opportunities to practice new behaviors, receive real-time coaching, and engage in individual action-planning. As with all of Everidian's programs, negotiation concepts are further leveraged by integrating them with Everidian's micro-action™ leadership approach.