Successful Negotiation

Negotiations happen all of the time, even when we aren't aware of them. Every negotiation presents a valuable opportunity to mindfully represent one's leadership brand while strengthening relationships. The key to success is in how leaders negotiate. Some leaders dig their heels in and frame win/lose situations while others are uncomfortable with conflict and get nervous even thinking about a negotiation. Businesses can increase their negotiation success rates by learning preparation routines in which best practices are planned out and then executed. Everidian negotiation programs are based on the Harvard Negotiation Project, which isolates successful negotiation strategies across a broad range of situations. Our negotiation programs teach leaders how to effectively negotiate within and between organizations. Specific techniques are taught and applied to relevant business scenarios, new behaviors are practiced in real-time, leaders are coached, and action-plans are designed. Everidian's micro-action™ leadership approach is used to help leaders to create intentional negotiation habits.