Mindful Leaders

Imagine that your leaders are completely centered, intentional and aware at work. Mindfulness has been used for over two millennia to broaden awareness and change behavior. It is a powerful tool to help leaders become intentional when stuck on autopilot. Research demonstrates that mindful practices lead to improved energy, health, stress reduction, flexibility, creativity, and capacity to think complexly. This program is based on Dr. Bauback Yeganeh’s research and consulting. For a decade, Dr. Yeganeh's mindful leader top scoring executive education programs have helped leaders break out of autopilot to think and act intentionally.

In the Mindful Leader program, participants learn a range of mindfulness techniques to focus and expand the mind, disrupt auto-pilot tendencies at work, and intentionally practice competencies and skills.

Examples of mindful leader techniques include practicing:

  • a strategic micro-action to initiate new leadership behaviors
  • mental focus when “stuck in thought”
  • using context-sensitive questions at critical moments
  • acceptance of momentary stressors in order to focus on what can be done
  • intentionally suspending assumptions about people, places, things, and events in order to expand rather than limit our thoughts and behaviors

Outcomes for leaders include being:

  • intentional at work
  • able to break automatic routines
  • engaged in conversations and meetings regardless of other work demands
  • focused on the completion of single tasks
  • focused on relationship building
  • aware and responsive to multiple stakeholders and their interests
  • aware of when to push and when to watch

Participants in this highly interactive program will learn:

  • what mindfulness is and is not
  • how mindfulness can be used as a powerful tool to develop leadership
  • how to practice mindful leader techniques designed to use at work
  • to identify ideal times to break automatic routines while at work (i.e. in meetings, while problem solving)
  • how to use mindfulness in order to be intentional at work
  • to self-assess leadership competencies
  • to create action plans that use mindfulness in order to develop leadership competencies