Executive Coaching

Growing leadership competencies is necessary for workplace success, however it can be difficult if not impossible to work long hours, face tremendous pressure and learn by yourself. As experts in adult learning and individual change, we offer executive coaching to leaders seeking to develop leader competencies. Everidian consultants are highly competent coaches. Our coaches focus on cognitive-behavioral (focusing on mindsets and behaviors) approaches to leadership development, often publishing leading articles on the topic. We help high performers, transitioning leaders and those in need of specific skill sets. Learning and development then takes place through data gathering, action planning, and one-on-one coaching.

Creating Coaching Leaders

Organizations that develop employees are rewarded with high employee engagement, a strong talent pipeline, and a culture of organizational learning, among others benefits. As a result, another prevalent organizational expectation is for leaders to be able to competently develop direct reports. This expectation exists regardless of whether or not leaders have any training in developing others. Often leaders are promoted because of technical expertise and in fact have little to no formal training in developing others. To supplement this skill gap, Everidian offers programs that teach leaders how to become competent coaches. We do this by providing rigorously researched coaching models, role-plays, simulations, case studies, real-time feedback, and action planning. Participants learn and plan coaching techniques, implement them in their organizations, and then return to the program to learn from collective experiences. By the end of the program, the coaching process has been internalized by participants and they have begun developing talent pipelines.