Leader Development

Everidian leader development programs help leaders succeed in challenging work environments. While technical mastery is vital, it is only part of effective leadership. Everidian provides services to develop the personal and social mastery required to fully leverage technical abilities in leadership roles. Being an outstanding leader requires awareness of self and others, techniques for managing tension and leveraging opportunities, strong negotiation skills, the ability to develop others, meeting and project management skills, and more. Everidian consultants have deep experience and expertise in organizational behavior and adult learning. We have helped thousands of leaders succeed and welcome an opportunity to explore how your organization may benefit from our services. 

Everidian leader development services are based on a proprietary process called the micro-action™ leadership approach. The micro-action™ leadership approach focuses on opportunities opportunity to disrupt habits in order to be intentional and action-oriented. The micro-action™ leadership approach enables leaders to:

1. Funnel leadership visions and broad competency-based goals into short and specific concrete actions.

2. Be aware of the present moment during critical times.

3. Choose and perform concentrated new behaviors to create desired results.

Everidian offers leadership development via executive education workshops, mini-MBA programs, coaching, and action learning. We offer customized programs that vary in length based on client need. Our executive coaches support leaders as they implement action plans. Everidian programs provide opportunities to learn new concepts, role-play, receive real time feedback, and plan for integration of skills in the workplace. Your leaders will learn new skills, practice them at work, and then refine them in our follow up sessions.