Ilma Barros-Pose, Ph.D.

Ilma Barros-Pose, Ph.D. has worked on some of the largest strategic planning summits in business and social change over the last 11 years. Her partnership with Dr. David Cooperrider brought Appreciative Inquiry to Brazil for the first time and has since created a massive platform of change for the country. Ilma facilitated the Global Forum Latin America, an encounter that gathered 1200 people to think about sustainability in a systematic manner, involving business leaders, academic researchers, the government, and the civil society. As part of her activities in Brazil, Ilma is a senior consultant for the Federation of Industries of the State of Parana where she leads strategic planning for the Federation and industrial segments. She was also responsible for the methodology and content used at the Future 10 Parana Forum, a platform of proposals for the strategic planning of the State. In addition to other consulting work with the office of the President of Brazil, Ilma consults to the United Nations and the World Bank and delivered the Appreciative Inquiry Certificate Program in Brazil in partnership with Case Western Reserve University. Ilma received her Ph.D. in organizational behavior from Case Western Reserve University and was an Assistant Professor of Business at the State University of New York and L´Moyne College. She is an ELIAS Fellow (Emerging Leaders for Innovation across Systems).