Change Management

Everidian consultants understand that every business has its own unique goals, and therefore there is no singular cure-all approach to achieving breakthrough effectiveness. We offer a range of services to complement an organization’s strengths and to get them moving on a customized path to their meridian, all the while, enabling them to grow their own internal expertise.

Change is constant and organizations that are good at it thrive. Change management is ambiguous, as nearly every endeavor in an organization requires change. A challenge for organizations is to navigate change endeavors successfully while building momentum toward future changes.

At Everidian, we have dedicated our careers to learning the vital components to effective change management. We help our clients with change management by:

  • Creating change-oriented mindsets
  • Creating structured processes,
  • Data gathering & analysis
  • Identifying key stakeholders,
  • Designing and facilitating multi-stakeholder gatherings to co-create strategies, and
  • Identifying and strengthening processes and leader skills that hinder strategy execution